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Deception and Coercion Give Bible Literacy Project Appearance of Acceptance Among Christians

Contact: Nancy Manno, host of the radio talk show "In Great Company," 609-703-8111 

LINWOOD, New Jersey, July 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- Nancy Manno submits the following:  The Bible Literacy Project has created a false impression that it has broad Christian support, using deception and coercion, when in reality, it is taking advantage of politeness and naivety to promote its "secularly acceptable Bible textbook" entitled "The Bible and Its Influence."

Dr. D. James Kennedy founder of Coral Ridge Ministries says of "The Bible and Its Influence", "I have examined their text and other materials and I believe this would be a tremendous mistake to impose such very anti-biblical material upon our children in the public schools." According to Mary Ann Bunker, an upper level executive at Coral Ridge Ministries, even though Dr. D. James Kennedy publicly disapproved of the Bible Literacy Project (BLP) they deceivingly attended the recent "Reclaiming America" conference hosted by Kennedy's Coral Ridge Ministries under another group called, "School Ministries and Christian Learning Centers," knowing full well that Dr. Kennedy remains steadfast in his disapproval of the organization's textbook.

BLP Vice President Sheila Weber appeared on the 700 Club in an interview with CBN's Lee Webb.  Mr. Webb asked Weber, "has there been any opposition along the way?"  Weber downplayed any conflict and gave quite a different answer than the one she during an interview I conducted with her on "In Great Company." During my interview Weber said, "There had to be some changes made to the text because there were some complaints and concerns from Christians about the first version of "The Bible And It's Influence."

After reviewing the new version, however, I have concluded the changes are minimal.  I was also told, and it's been subsequently reported, "In order for the public schools to accept it, a "secularly" accepted Bible curriculum had to be created, being that the public schools would never accept something fundamental."

A Time Magazine article reported that BLP is part of a national trend, and combined the statistics of two Bible curriculums being used in the US. Since then, Bible Literacy Project supporters deceptively have used the combined statistics of two different curricula for self-promotion.  For example, reporting the statistics from the Time Magazine article, CBN quoted that the BLP is "joining in on a National trend--one that already spans 37 states and 460 school districts," which may have well implied that the BLP was in 460 school districts.  The deception continued in a recent column by BLP supporter Chuck Colson. Colson, founder of Prison Ministries, used the combined Time Magazine statistics of all Bible curriculums in public schools, of which BLP is a distinct minority, to praise BLP as if it were the majority curriculum being used.

In an interview with Vonette Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, one of the "Evangelical Christian" endorsers of "The Bible And It's Influence", I asked if she had the chance to actually read the textbook. Unfortunately, the answer was "No."  Bright informed me her endorsement was to the concept not the content.  Christian leaders need to be more responsible with the positions they hold and will someday be held accountable for compromising God's word.

One wonders how this textbook could pass through some of today's most respected Christian leaders and not others.  The answer is simple and lies within the comment made by Dr. D. James Kennedy, that he "…examined their text and other material…"