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Spirit 1 Broadcasting Says -- Time Slots Filing Up Fast

Contact: Steve McFarland, Spirit 1 Broadcasting, 716-566-9981

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- A spokesperson and program director for Spirit 1 Christian Broadcasting, Darcy Zeller -- says, "Wow!" "When we started broadcasting on satellite -- we never expected such a huge response from ministers wanting airtime on our station!"

Spirit 1 Radio started just over three years ago with a humble Internet Broadcast and has grown rapidly. Today, Spirit 1 has the potential of hitting millions of homes by Free To Air Satellite -- the satellite covers Canada, The United States, Mexico and The Caribbean Islands.

Mrs. Zeller stated, "The reason why so many people are interested in the airtime is simple." "Most radio stations that only cover a fifty or hundred mile range can charge as much as $120.00 or more per hour, and they might reach a potential listening audience of a few thousand folks, where we can reach a potential of millions!" "In addition the cost of Radio airtime at Spirit 1 is only $80.00 per hour -- that's less than most terrestrial radio stations and much more coverage! -- and our TV airtime is less than any other satellite provider" "It's more bible bang for your bucks!"

The point is not the money, it is getting out the gospel message -- the real gospel message to real people who really need our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, she said. "With most radio stations allowing anyone willing to pay on the air -- there is little truth of the gospel on the air. People can make mistakes and biblical misunderstandings can happen -- but outright false doctrine and knowingly taking the Word of God out of context is inexcusable!"

Mrs. Zeller concluded by saying: "We are so blessed to have many fine teachers and preachers of the Gospel stepping up to the plate and we hope to fill our schedule up fast with real ministers of the Word!" Anyone interested in being on the air may contact Mrs. Zeller for details at 716-566-9981.