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'Amen for Safe Sex!' Declares Planned Parenthood

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WASHINGTON, April 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The people at Planned Parenthood are clueless," said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI). "They have no idea how offensive it is to Christians when they use God or the things of God to promote their insidious agenda."


"Amen for Safe Sex!" declares a press release by Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG). "Safe Sex Angels are the Stars of New 'Safe is Sexy' Ad." The group released the television spot, called "Angel," as part of its "Safe is Sexy" campaign. The 30-second ad features an angel that "saves" a young couple from engaging in "unprotected sex." PPGG claims it was "divine intervention" that sent the angel to the couple.


The ad opens with a young man and woman. The man is shirtless and the rest of him is under a blanket. The woman is lying on top of the man. She is wearing a bra and the rest of her is covered by the same blanket. A "male" angel is sitting on headboard, eating popcorn and watching the action.


Young Woman:  "So, I guess I should ask if you have any..."


Young Man:  "Any what?"


Young Woman:  "You know."


Young Man:  "Let's not worry the moment."


The man moves to change positions with the woman as the sexual encounter proceeds.


A "female" angel appears next to the "male" angel.


"Female" Angel:  "What are you doing?"


"Male" Angel:  "I like to watch."


"Female" Angel:  "You're sick. Aren't you supposed to be the guardian angel of safe sex?"


"Male" Angel:  "Keep your halo on."


The "male" angel uses a remote control to reverse the scene to the point where the young man responded "Any what?" to the woman's initial "So, I guess I should ask if you have any..." statement. The scene moves forward.


Young Woman:  "Any protection."


Young Man:  "Yeah, of course."


Young Woman:  "Amen!"


Once again the man moves to change positions with the woman as the sexual encounter proceeds.


The "male" angel then makes a move on the "female" angel telling her, "You know you are pretty hot."


PPGG confesses that its ad is "aimed at" 18-24 year olds and is designed to encourage them to "act responsibly if they are sexually active." The abortion-committing group also admits that the ad uses "irreverent humor" to "capture viewers' attention and get its 'Safe is Sexy' message across."


"I love the fact that this ad challenges popular conceptions of religion and sexuality," said Lisa Sargent, who is identified as PPGG's "chaplain." Sargent continued: "I think it will really break through the clutter and get people thinking about sexual responsibility as part of their larger value system, which may be religiously influenced."


PPGG's previously released ad in the "Safe is Sexy" series, titled "Lab," aired on MTV, VH1 and TBS. The ad opened in the midst of a romantic moment between a young couple that has volunteered to participate in a "crash course" on birth control. The couple is said to be "committed to safe sex no matter what the obstacles." Their attempts to open a condom and a package of pills are met with "comical mishaps." A condom snaps and strikes the young man in the eye. The young woman's pills fall to the floor. A lamp crashes and a cat howls. The camera zooms out and the viewer sees that they couple are actually in a research laboratory. A female researcher speaks: "Meet Brad and Karen, a new couple, volunteering in our crash course on birth control. They're determined to be responsible and are starting to take matters into their own hands; discovering that Safe is Sexy."


The ad closes with the researcher sitting next to a smiling "Karen" sitting on the lap of shirtless "Brad." Karen displays a package of pills and Brad holds up a condom as the researcher reminds viewers that each bears responsibility for birth control. "Remember, it takes two," she says.


"We hope our ad's comical take on safe sex will encourage all who see it to start thinking, talking, and practicing safe sex," said PPGG boss Dian Harrison.


PPGG's new ad, "Angel," will air throughout the next ten weeks on MTV, VH1 and FX. PPGG notes that its ad will surely been seen by children as well as those in the supposed target group. (Given that PPGG has placed the ad on YouTube, it is a certainty.) The group has attempted to preempt objection by saying the spot "can create a perfect starting place for a parent/teen conversation on responsible sexual decision-making."


"Planned Parenthood advertising is as shameful and dangerous the groups agenda," Scott said.


While Scott had said Planned Parenthood employees have no idea how their ad campaign offends Christians, he also said "it is possible these men and women know exactly what they are doing." He continued: "They know what they're doing and they either do not care who is offended or they actually enjoy hurting people, but I am trying to give them the better of what little doubt may exist."


PPGG has been in hot water before. In August 2005 the group released an animated video that depicted the murder of Christian pro-life activists. It was titled "A Superhero for CHOICE."


Life Decisions International (LDI) is dedicated to challenging the Culture of Death, concentrating on exposing and fighting the agenda of Planned Parenthood. LDI's chief project is a boycott of corporations that fund the abortion-committing giant. To learn more about Planned Parenthood, please visit: http://www.fightpp.org/show.cfm?page=wrong