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Healing Retreat Aims to Help Women Whose Husbands are Attracted to Men
Brothers on a Road Less Traveled
Aug. 25, 2022

RUCKERSVILLE, Va., Aug. 25, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- In all the LGBTQ discussions and debates, at least two groups are almost universally forgotten: men who experience same-sex attractions (SSA) but don't want to act on them – and women who have discovered, often long after their wedding day, that their husbands are sexually attracted to men.

Many are surprised to learn there is a peer-led weekend retreat and workshop designed especially for this specific niche of women (while also welcoming other women who have felt similarly betrayed or wounded by men).

It's called "A Woman Who Loves" (https://brothersroad.org/wwl/), and it will be offered near Nashville, Tenn., this October 14 to 16.

Created in 2009, A Woman Who Loves is a 48-hour immersive, healing experience facilitated by women and supported by married couples who have themselves survived a husband's struggles with same-sex attractions, affairs, pornography or sex addictions, or similarly difficult issues. They have "been there," and they coach and facilitate from their own highly personal experience and follow-up training.

The group is hosting three online "open houses" to introduce women to the retreat and to women who have first-hand experience with these difficult issues. Offered through Zoom, the open houses will be held on Sunday afternoon, August 28; Wednesday evening, September 7; and Saturday afternoon, September 17. (Call 1-434-227-9346 to register.)

"Finding out that your husband is sexually attracted to men and perhaps addicted to gay porn, or worse, can be traumatic and is always confusing," said one woman who has participated in the Woman Who Loves program. "Even in support programs for women whose husbands are sex addicts or have had affairs, the others just don't understand what we're going through. It's extremely isolating. A Woman Who Loves was the one place where everyone understood me because they were going through the same or similar things, and we could love and support each other beyond anything I'd ever experienced."

A Woman Who Loves is a companion program to the better-known "Journey Into Manhood" experiential retreat and workshop for SSA men who choose not to act on their same-sex attractions but instead want to be faithful to their marriage or faith commitments and learn to meet their same-sex needs through platonic, brotherly friendships and communities. Both programs are presented by the non-profit, peer-led organization called Brothers on a Road Less Traveled (https://brothersroad.org).

SOURCE Brothers on a Road Less Traveled

CONTACT: Rich Wyler, 434-227-9346, richwyler@brothersroad.org