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The Logan Show Welcomes Pop-Rock Artist Krystal Meyers on November 11

Contact: Susan Zahn, WDC Media, for The Logan Show, 877-862-3600 ext. 2, office@wdcmedia.com


NASHVILLE, Nov. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- On November 11, Krystal Meyers will be the guest recording artist on the syndicated hit comedy show, The Logan Show.


Krystal Meyers is a cross between Avril Lavign and Ashley Simpson. Her single, "Anticonformity," knocked the Red Hot Chili Peppers out of the number one slot in Japan.


Dove Award-nominated rocker Krystal Meyers has been highlighted on the covers of Nylon Magazine Japan, Bounce Magazine, and Brio Magazine while making numerous TV appearances. Taking her music halfway around the globe to MTV Japan, she is on prime time with her song, "Together." "Together" is from her second album, Dying For A Heart. NBC will use this album for its new hit drama, "Heroes," airing Mondays at 9 PM ET.


"I am so excited that NBC selected my song, ‘Together,’ to be a part of their new show. As soon as my record label told me, I freaked out! It’s an awesome opportunity and I am so very, very thankful for it," Meyers exclaimed.


Since the release of her self-titled debut on Essential Records in 2005, 18-year-old Krystal Meyers has garnered a Dove Award nomination for New Artist of the Year.


Meyers also has landed the Number One spot on general market radio in Japan with "Anticonformity." She has had five Top 10 singles in the United States: "The Way To Begin," "My Savior," "Anticonformity," "Fire," and "Collide."


Krystal Meyers has performed in venues before more than 400,000 people. Dying For A Heart, the second record from Meyers, landed in stores in September.


Since graduating from high school, Meyers has been caught up in a swirling vortex of changes, commitments and challenges. Her God-given talent, unwavering faith and intense passion to spread the gospel remain her constant.


Her hit single, "Anticonformity," was a powerful anthem that encouraged others to buck trends in order to embrace their individuality. Krystal quickly gained a reputation as an artist whose musical talent was underscored by her conviction.


Dying for a Heart is a collection encompassing a rich emotional landscape from the poignant "The Beauty of Grace" to the buoyant "Only You Make Me Happy." One of the most intriguing cuts on the album is "The Situation," a song about temptation and having the strength to make the right choice when a relationship begins to take a more physical turn.


The album’s title comes from the song, "Love is on the Run." "Dying for a heart is what Jesus ultimately did for us on the cross," says Meyers. "He died for all of our hearts, for us to be able to have that opportunity to have communion with the Father. We’re dying for a place to call our own, somewhere for our hearts to have peace and resolution."


"Stand and Scream" is a song Krystal co-wrote with Tiffany from Plumb and Matt Bronlewee. She describes it as a song about "coming out of your shell to say, ’I want my voice to be heard’."


Another standout on her new set is "Live." "It’s about living," she explains simply. "The song asks: ’Am I too young and restless to live the way the fearless do?’ It’s about wanting to live life to the fullest."


The Logan Show, hosted by Logan Sekulow, has been described by the media labelmeisters as a clean alternative to the kingpins of late-night TV comedy. The Logan Show is in reality much more – and much edgier.


"Clean comedy has never been hipper and the laughs more gut-wrenching than the skits, bits, and guffaws emanating from the nationally and internationally syndicated The Logan Show," says media expert Susan Zahn of WDC Media.


"It’s all the zany memories millions of American youth have of family, friends, church, music and high school, packaged into a half-hour variety venue of stand-up comedy, slap-stick skits, outtakes and music," says Zahn.


The show takes a bit of the "Late Show," mixes in a smidgen of "Saturday Night Live," then adds a little "Austin City Limits." Sprinkle in a tad of "Conan O’ Brien," shake it all up, and "WALLA!" — You’ve got the next generation in late night TV -- The Logan Show!


Catch Logan and the rest of the cast on your favorite network as they bring you hilarious comedy sketches, great interviews and live performances with today’s hottest musical artists.


Visit http://loganshow.com/index.cfm?PAGE_ID=61 to see when and where to tune in or visit The Logan Show at http://www.loganshow.com


To learn more about Krystal Meyers, visit www.krystalmeyers.com as well as www.myspace.com/krystalmeyers