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Evangelical Leader Examines Obama's Religious Beliefs

Contact: Dane Rose, Faith and Action, 202-546-8329, ext 106, (703) 447-1072, DaneRose@FaithAndAction.org


WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rev. Rob Schenck, President of the National Clergy Council and head of it’s affiliate, Faith and Action, a Washington, DC-based Christian outreach mission to policy-makers on Capitol Hill has released an in-depth examination of the religious beliefs of Sen. Barack Obama titled: "Barack Obama: Sheep or Goat?" The Illinois Democrat is  being touted as a 2008 presidential candidate due in part to the perception that he can win the support of values voters.  Obama has openly discussed his faith in his writings and media appearances, suggesting that it will guide him in policy decisions.

Rev. Schenck traces the development of Sen. Obama’s religious views from being the son of a Muslim father and a secular humanist mother to his current close association with a liberal United Church of Christ denomination.  Through the Senator’s own written and spoken words, Schenck discovers that Obama is anything but an Evangelical Christian. Schenck is a board member of the Evangelical Church Alliance, America's oldest association of Evangelical clergy and chair of its committee on church and society.

Schenck points to Obama’s positions on key issues that are at variance with Evangelical beliefs, in particular:

-  Rejection of the plenary authority and centrality of the Bible

-  Support for abortion in all its forms including partial birth abortion

-  Support for same-sex unions

In November 2006, Rev. Schenck criticized mega-church Pastor Rick Warren’s invitation to Sen. Obama to speak at his church.  Schenck warned that Obama’s appearance in an Evangelical pulpit would be seen as an endorsement of the politician’s “liberal religiosity” as well as his ambitions for higher office.

Rev. Schenck discusses how quickly “Obama-mania” has penetrated the Evangelical community.  His article hopes to determine whether Sen. Obama is the “real deal” or yet another cynical attempt by a political party to woo Evangelicals, asking for their votes without supporting their values.

Rev. Schenck can be reached for further comment through his assistant Dane Rose at (202) 546-8329, Ext. 106, (703) 447-1072 or via email at DaneRose@FaithAndAction.org.