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Diamonds and Pearls: Are Christian Conservatives Being Bought Off?

Contact: Rick Barry, 202-374-9774, rbarry@ajustsociety.org

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 31 /Christian Newswire/ -- This week's "Ideas in Action":

A husband buys his wife diamonds or pearls because he is too busy at work to spend time with her. She's glad to have the baubles, but knowing her husband's motives, she feels cheapened by his response. She feels she's being used. She knows he's trying to buy her off.

A Republican Senator goes to Washington, pays little attention to his core constituents, and then realizes he needs to win their affection if he wants to win reelection. Therefore, in the months leading up to Election Day, he demands a vote on bills that are favored by his supporters but have no chance of passing. The voters are glad the Senator is finally taking action on key issues; yet, knowing the Senator's motives, they too feel used.

Nobody likes to be used. We use things, not people. At the Center for a Just Society we recoil at the popular notion that it is okay to use people as a means to someone else's end. It is not okay for a man to exploit an anonymous woman for sexual pleasure, even if it is consensual. It is not okay when a business owner mistreats, underpays and overworks his staff, even if it advances his own financial interests. It is not okay when a scientist kills human embryos to harvest their parts, even if it is intended to benefits others. We generally have a low view of people who are "users."

As we approach the upcoming election, the Senate has been trying to energize the evangelical base by voting on bills supported by many at the grassroots level. The constitutional amendment against flag burning had little chance of ultimate success, but was brought to the floor anyway. The Federal Marriage Amendment had even less chance, but was voted on all the same. There are some authentic diamonds and pearls in...

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