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Abducted and Tortured Missionary Stands Firm Against Judicial Tyranny

Contact: George Raudenbush, Appalachian Youth Missions, 423-253-3484

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- George Raudenbush is no ordinary missionary who turns the other cheek, he fights corruption with truth. On January 18, 2006 Monroe County Tennessee's General Sessions Court rendered a judgment against Leonard James Ahearn exposing Mr. Ahearn publicly for fraud and breech of contract against Appalachian Youth Missions National Missions Coordinator George Raudenbush.

After being exposed, Mr. Ahearn and his associates have relentlessly retaliated against Appalachian Youth Missions by using their influence to discredit and intimidate, causing harm and injury through the constant dissemination of false and misleading information and reports to county, state, elected officials and liberal media sources, in unfounded slanderous allegations.

On February 7, 2006 a mission vehicle was maliciously incinerated by arson. Thirty days later, Mr. Ahearn personally abducts assaults and threatens George in a bank parking lot, stating "the vehicle fire is just the beginning, drop the case or I’ll run you out of town."

As a final solution, it appears Mr. Ahearn did contract individuals to detain torture and kill George on May 17, 2006 at 3:00 am at God Wins House, Office to Appalachian Youth Missions. Mr. Ahearn's plot fails after two hours of torture, according to George. "My captor tried to gouge my eyes out, break my neck and suffocate me, used a knife and metal bar on me and demanded money. I struggled the whole time in and out of consciousness believing my captor was going to kill me. My captor asked me if I wanted to say a last prayer before my demise, I agreed. I never once thought, Oh God help me! I was ready and had a peace about my ending." See details of the abduction at: www.appalachianyouthmission.org on mission update.

Numerous complaints and affidavits were filed with the 10th Judicial District Attorneys office, the Tennessee Appellate Courts and the Monroe County Sheriffs Department against Mr. Ahearn and his associates Joe & Marlene Duncan, addressing their anti Christian agenda of hate. To date, no interest has been taken to Investigate George's brutal abduction. It is clearly evident from records that circuit court Judge Lawrence Puckett's decisions are not based on law but personal opinions and prejudices. The judiciary has no authority to assume the law which belongs to the Tennessee Legislature. George is currently active with the Judicial Accountability Initiative Legislation Reform Movement in Tennessee.