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Author Shares Battles with Sexual Addiction, Chronic Pain, and Attempted Suicide

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a life of up's and down's we often feel overwhelmed with the battles that come our way. Pastor Paul Zimmer, author of the new releases, "Prodigal Daze" and "Thorn Daze," discovered first hand perils such as struggling with divorce, sexual additions, and facing chronic pain. But in the midst of his personal battles he found God's sustaining grace.


In "Prodigal Daze," Pastor Zimmer's first release, he candidly shares his call to ministry and early success. But while facing marital problems, he turns to the gripping chains of sexual addiction and pornography. Pastor Paul holds nothing back as he reveals his battle with sexual sin, his eventual fall from grace, and his inability to break away from sin's addictive hold. In an attempt to break free from guilt of his vicious cycle to sexual addiction, he comes desperately close to ending his own life. His love affair with the sin of self gratification leads him further and further down the road to spiritual ruin. Just like the prodigal son, Pastor Zimmer finds the grace to run home into his Father's loving arms.


"The great news is that regardless of our sins, we have an advocate in Jesus and a Father that is ready and waiting to welcome us back home when the day of recognition, remorse, and repentance arrives," reminds Pastor Zimmer.


In his second book, "Thorn Daze," Pastor Zimmer exposes the painful truth of prosperity teaching. Suffering from a chronic injury, Paul longed to be healed. He pleaded with God to heal him but received no results. God had something more wonderful in store than complete healing. As Pastor Paul reads the story of Apostle Paul's "thorn in the flesh" and how God chose not to remove it, he realizes that there are two different types of miracles. One is total remission or removal of the affliction and the other is God's sustaining grace.


"There will be times when God will not answer our prayers as we would like Him. However, God will provide to each of us His sustaining grace to get us through the struggles we face in life," encourages Pastor Zimmer.


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