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LFFA Announces the Formation of 'Little Flowers Family Press'

Contact: Rita Davidson, Little Flowers Family Apostolates, 613-278-2618, littleflowersfamily@yahoo.com


MCDONALDS CORNERS, Ontario, Sept. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- Little Flowers Family Apostolates, founded in 1996 by Mrs. Rita Davidson, is now celebrating its 10th year with an expansion. The company has been providing Catholic families with unique resources to promote growth in the faith and is proud to announce the formation of a special publishing division, “Little Flowers Family Press”.


The first item, created and designed by Mrs. Davidson, was “Flower Gardening for Our Lady©,” a Child’s Spiritual Progress Chart. This popular item has been in print since 1996. It is a significant example of the direction the apostolate has taken for families and the salvation of little souls.


Other titles soon followed, all designed to incorporate the faith for young children and their families in these trying times.


In 1999, Mrs. Davidson saw a great need to incorporate teaching about purity and modesty for Catholic families that were ravaged on all sides by deteriorating morals. It was then that Mrs. Davidson founded “Our Lady’s League of the Martyrs of Purity Crusade©: A Modesty Crusade Dedicated to Educating Families and Making Reparations for immodesty. This organization flourished when in 2001 they released Immodesty: Satan’s Virtue, one of the first traditional Catholic books released to cover the forgotten virtue of modesty today.


With the increasing number of titles added each year, printing costs were becoming an enormous burden to the Apostolate that it did not want to have to pass along in expensive titles. So, in 2004, Mrs. Davidson sought a way to reduce printing costs and provide stable growth for Little Flowers Family Apostolates. After much prayer and research, it was decided to bring all the printing in-house by purchasing the needed equipment.


A providential move, Mrs. Davidson sees this as a tremendous blessing that provided a way for the Apostolate of the Press to grow, allowing the release of many more titles.


Two years later, in 2006, the 10th Anniversary year, the company is adding the last bit of needed bindery equipment and has announced the publishing division will have a new title. As of August 28, 2006, it will be called Little Flowers Family Press. Fitting with this, the company has designed a new logo and look. All new titles will carry this theme and others as they are reprinted. Mrs. Davidson hopes that establishing this publishing department will help more bookstores recognize the value of the publishing program that now includes over 50 books, pamphlets, and children’s resources.


The mission statement of Little Flowers Family Press is in line with the retail division that provides “Resources for Helping Families to Know, Love, and Serve God.”


The new Little Flowers Family Press goal is that “cold hearts may grow warm, and warm hearts be set aflame!,” a worthy mission in a world so indifferent to God and our holy Catholic Faith.


With the close of 2006, Little Flowers Family Press is prepared to face a new decade of publishing with the completed in-house equipment installations, bringing ever more titles in print with the goal of bringing ever more souls to Christ.


Learn about “Little Flowers Family Press” titles here: http://lffa-ollmpc.com/SHOP/lffapub01.htm


Learn more about their Apostolate here: http://www.lffa-ollmpc.com


Rita Davidson welcomes inquiries from bookstores or questions.

Contact her:email: littleflowersfamily@yahoo.com, phone: 1-613-278-2618