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A Nightmare of CIA Child Abductions and Human Cyborg Experimentation

Yellow School Bus (CC BY 2.0)

James F. Linzey
May 28, 2024
LANGLEY, Va., May 28, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by James F. Linzey:

    Throughout the middle of the night, before dawn, on June 17, 2022, I had awakened several times from a prophetic nightmare in a troubled state of mind. Each time, I fell back asleep, but the nightmare continued, as if uninterrupted.

    I arrived at my daughter's elementary school and saw my daughter rehearsing with the school choir. She was impeccably dressed. Her hair was up and beautifully set. She came running out of the choir toward me and begged me to take her away from there. I did not understand why. I saw how she was benefiting the school with her incredible talent. Then, with persuasive words, two school administrators, who were watching, walked over and described how vital she was to their "program." Well, that confirmed it! So I talked her into staying there until they were done rehearsing.

    The next thing I remember was regaining consciousness on a table with wires attached to my body and head. I have no memory of what happened when saying goodbye to my daughter. I knew that I was in trouble and so was my daughter, as well as untold numbers of children throughout the United States.

    Attempting to leave, I walked out of that operating room and into a hallway. A man dressed in a black suit and sunglasses, however, who was supposedly a longtime friend of mine, jumped out of nowhere down the hallway, and with incredible strength and speed, he came running toward me with a gun. I ran in the opposite direction as quickly as I could, thinking to myself, "What kind of matrix am I in?"

    While I was running, I began yanking the wires out of my body, which they intended on attaching to computers. Their plan was to turn me into a cyborg. It was painful, but I desperately sought to regain my freedom As I fled, I said to myself, "I'm not leaving without my daughter." I began searching for her, while shouting, "Where is my daughter? Give me back my daughter!"

    I ran into computerized barriers in a hallway near an exit, which were monitoring people and preventing victims from escaping or going to areas of the building that were off limits. So, I ran in another direction.

    Suddenly, I came to an abrupt stop, because I found my daughter. My daughter and I crossed paths where two hallways intersected. My heart broke when I found her drugged and being escorted by two men. She was wearing a gown. Her hair was stringy and messy. She looked cold-hearted. Her demeanor was vile as she looked up at me with hatred. She made hateful remarks to me as they walked by. They gained total control over her mind. She was not normal.

    Time seemed to stand still. I thought, "If only I had taken her when she came running up to me with great anticipation, looking so beautiful, as she looked adoringly into my face! If only I had listened to her with my heart!"

    CIA agents were abducting children, and wiring, drugging, vaccinating, and computerizing them, turning them into zombie-like slaves, transforming them into vile, reprehensible hatemongers against their own parents, and turning them into cyborgs. with the assistance of schools and hospitals.

    This school was in reality a human experimental laboratory. I now understood why the school administrators told me how valuable my daughter was to their "program." Regrettably, I did not know what the real "program" was. Perhaps my daughter herself did not fully understand, but knew deep down inside that something was very wrong there.

    My daughter no longer wanted to come with me. She was lost and her mind was filled with propaganda. I was powerless to get her out of there by myself. My only hope was to try to escape, and at a later time from a position of strength, rescue her.

    I began running again, but I was soon overtaken by several armed men. They threatened to kill me if I did not cooperate. I relaxed and remained calm and quiet. I pretended to understand and became docile. I eventually requested the same kind of drugs that they had given my daughter to convince them that I was surrendering. They then administered the drugs to me.

    Miraculously, however, the drugs were not effecting me. God was protecting my body and mental faculties from their effects. But I pretended to go under their influence and put on the façade of a daze, while observing them and listening to every word they said, and watching and waiting for a better opportunity to escape.

    Then, at 8:10 AM, I had awakened, startled and panicking, wondering if I really was home. In a word, I felt "blessed," but "horrified," knowing that many children are missing, never awakening from their nightmares, along with many adults, whose only escape is death itself, to finally wake up in the arms of God.

    The girl was my daughter only in the dream. Abducting children and hunting people down, like animals, is just the beginning of the nightmare. In this nightmare, I experienced what many people, children and adults alike, have suffered and are suffering. Most people do not foresee the evil that befalls them or their loved ones. Jesus did, and He said, "Pray that your escape will not be in the winter or on the Sabbath. For then will be great tribulation, such as has not happened since the beginning of the world until now, no, nor ever shall be" (Matt. 24:20-21, MEV).

James F. Linzey received a Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical studies at Vanguard University of Southern California (1979), a Master of Divinity degree at Fuller Theological Seminary (1983), and a Doctor of Divinity degree at Kingsway Theological Seminary. He is a retired Army chaplain with the rank of Major. He attended Squadron Officers' School at Air University, Combined Arms Services Staff School, and Command and General Staff College. He wrote one of the four institutional US Armed Forces prayers ever to be written in US history. He was the first full time chaplain to serve at the Leader's Training Course under the US Army Cadet Command at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where he received the Army Physical Fitness Excellence Award with a perfect score of 300 in the pushups, sit ups, and two-mile run. He spoke at the Heritage Foundation, wrote the Space Force Hymn, 'Creator of the Universe,' and serves as the general editor and publisher of The Military Bible by Military Chaplains.

SOURCE: James F. Linzey

CONTACT: Jim Linzey, militarybibleassociation@gmail.com

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