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Campaign Launched to Restore the Ten Commandments to the Alabama Judicial Building
Feb. 9, 2024

BIRMINGHAM, Feb. 9, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- In 2003, the Ten Commandments monument was ordered removed from the State of Alabama Judicial Building. Now that the right to honor God has been restored, we are petitioning the Alabama Supreme Court to restore the Commandments back to where they belong.
"We are thankful the US Supreme Court has acknowledged our right to honor God, who is the source of our liberty, in the public square," said Dean Johnson of RestoreTheCommandments.com. "We are calling on the Alabama Supreme Court to restore the Ten Commandments right back to where they sat before it was removed by an unjust, unconstitutional court order. Because this is a national matter, we urge all Americans of good will to sign the petition at http://restorethecommandments.com/.  

Most Americans are not aware they have more religious liberty than they have enjoyed for over generation.

In 2022, the US Supreme Court restored the right to honor God in the public square, a right lost since 1971 in Lemon v Kurtzman. The Lemon case created what become known as the "Lemon Test." This case was cited over 7,000 times resulting in the removal of Ten Commandments, Crosses and Nativities across the country.

In June of 2022, the US Supreme Court, in Kennedy v Bremerton, upheld Coach Joe Kennedy's right to pray after football games. In their ruling the Supreme Court struck down the "Lemon Test." Now the Constitutional right to honor God in the public square has been restored.

SOURCE RestoreTheCommandments.com

CONTACT: Dean Johnson, 256-655-8260