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Redemption Press New Release Offers Perspective and Hope for Uncertain Times
Redemption Press
Jan. 31, 2020
ENUMCLAW, Wash., Jan. 31, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- Is the ongoing global war on terror the greatest risk to national security for the United States of America? Or is the current culture war being waged on US soil an equally perilous threat? Did the 2015 constitutional Marriage Amendment simply open a door that legitimized same-sex marriage, or was it another milestone in a well-conceived plot to radically reorder American society?

In The Late Great Awakening: Navigating Uncertain Times with the Eyes of Faith, C. S. Alvarez, whose career spanned the profit and nonprofit faith-based worlds, not only argues the latter but notes the church's acquiescence in the breakdown of the country's moral fiber. Citing changing policy statements from once-highly-regarded professional organizations and the writings of homosexual activists, Alvarez reveals the agenda to transform American society's view of the family and to lay the groundwork for attacks on Christians and others who seek to live and do business in accordance with their faith. Shedding light on current events, she demonstrates their connection to one another and to the inevitable outcome. "The endgame of this domestic battle," Alvarez says, "will be centralized state power and the abolition of First Amendment freedoms." Alvarez then calls the church to a restored and reinvigorated biblical perspective anchored in an authentic hope in Christ and renewed zeal to save the lost.
C. S. Alvarez, a longtime paralegal, has served various roles with faith-based organizations addressing sustainable solutions to worldwide hunger and offering services for individuals with visual impairments. With a certificate in biblical studies from Moody Bible Institute, Alvarez views the current cultural climate with a scriptural perspective.

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