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1875 Microfilm Shows Biblical Creation Rewritten per Darwin Evolution
Contact: Frank DeFreitas, 484-387-5320, director@wondersofthebible.org; www.wondersofthebible.org

ALLENTOWN, Penn., Jan. 30, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- A 144-year-old piece of microfilm shows how Biblical Creation in Genesis would be rewritten, and replaced, if 19th century Darwinian evolutionists had their way at the time.

The microfilm is so small, that it requires a laboratory microscope to read it. "It is about the size of a single snowflake," says Frank DeFreitas, a retired laser holographer.

DeFreitas is a collector of microscopic and nano-scale Biblical scripture and art. He lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The microfilm was acquired by DeFreitas through a microscopical broker located in the United Kingdom. The U.K. is the 19th century birthplace of Charles Darwin, father of the theory of evolution.

Properly termed microphotography, it was developed in the United Kingdom by microscopist John Benjamin Dancer in the mid- 1800s. It was the highest level of imaging science and technology of its day. It would eventually lead to 20th century micro computer circuits that would send satellites into space, and take mankind to the moon and beyond.

DeFreitas says that he believes that it was used by its maker, a Mr. Edward Wheeler, as a curiosity during his lecture circuit. "Wheeler was a very successful manufacturer of high-end brass microscopes in the 19th century. His passion was lecturing, and he was very well known in England at the time."

Evolution was a hot topic during the time period of the microfilm. Especially well-attended debates between evolutionists and Biblical Creationists.

"I am a Biblical Creationist according to the exact record of the first book of Moses, Genesis." says DeFreitas categorically. "I believe that this piece of microfilm provides hard, indisputable physical evidence of an intention to undermine the creation account of the Holy Bible ... or why would it have ever been written in the first place?"

February 12, 2019 will be celebrated as Charles Darwin Day around the world.

DeFreitas has created a McAfee secure Genesis-Darwin Microfilm Web Page that contains photos taken through his microscope, and a full transcription of the microfilm content.