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God vs Darwin: God Wins
Contact: Tom Rogers, 604-886-8054
VANCOUVER, Canada, Jan. 15, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Reality Research & Development has accumulated enough evidence to prove that Darwin's "evolution" is incapable of causing life.
The basics of the new science of studying how we are made of atoms, is simple enough for a fifth-grader to understand, so don't panic.

With input from 45 scholars including the three Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry 2016, Super-Intelligence (far greater than that of mankind) is proven essential for building our cell-parts, cells, and us.

By definition, "evolution" has no intelligence to use, therefore it is now proven incapable of causing life. How significant is that?

How many of our youth, especially through secular college and university, have had their Christianity bullied out of them by graduation time because of the compulsory teaching of Darwinism exclusively, as the cause of life? Surveys say about 60%.

Of course, these young people get married, have children, and God is excluded from their lives. "If evolution causes life, what do we need a god for?" (Wrong).

Changing science education in our public school system will not be easy, but in the states where their legislation says, "Truth Only" is to be taught, (what a concept!), the available evidence required to show need for the change may help to speed up the process.

Resistance is already heavy, so how strong is the scientific evidence that our Creator is our Creator?

Fortunately, the basics of the new science called "Atomic Biology" are simple: material things, including our cells, are made of atoms (God's building blocks); where do these atoms come from? - from the food we eat; and where do those atoms come from? - the "dust" (or soil) in gardens, fields, and orchards. Of course, the divine "Breath-of-Life" must be added.

So, like Adam, we are made from the "dust."

The basics are simple, however, the WORK is so enormous and complex that many evolutionists have already turned away from that belief.

"Darwin's Replacement -- Bringing the God of Our Nation Back to Our Students with a New Basic Science" provides more significance. It is available through Amazon and Kindle.

Much help will be needed to make this change.