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CFI Stands with Scott Lloyd to Protect Refugees

Contact: Lisa Jones, 800-323-2273


WASHINGTON, April 9, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Freedom International (CFI) has launched a petition supporting Scott Lloyd for protecting refugee girls from being exploited by political activists.


CFI aids and advocates for persecuted Christians in repressive countries. Christians make up a significant number of refugees and can face discrimination and manipulation even after fleeing their country. Christian groups helping refugees here have also faced discrimination.


Scott Lloyd is the director of the Office of Resettled Refugees. ORR has custody of "unaccompanied minor" refugees in the U.S. who are without parents, and are vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. Activist lawyers are exploiting these teen refugees to promote a larger political agenda that is contrary to the religious beliefs of many refugees. The lawyers have unleashed a campaign against Scott Lloyd to prevent him, and other Christians, from helping these refugees.


The lawyers have been criticized for misrepresenting the refugees and misleading justice officials. One teenage refugee gave a handwritten statement to a judge saying the attorney who claimed to represent her in a lawsuit against the U.S. government had forced her to sign the documents. She did not want an abortion, as the lawsuit claimed, and she did not want that lawyer as her attorney. The ACLU, which uses lawsuits to force social change, has filed several cases to force the government to provide abortions.


In another case, activist attorneys were criticized for misleading the Justice Department when, hours before her case was to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, a refugee girl was taken for a secret abortion.


The ORR provides grants to non-profits to house and care for refugees. The Obama administration restricted grants only to groups that facilitate abortions. That left Christian groups ineligible for grants; a way of discriminating against faith-based groups and isolating refugees from Christians.


Scott Lloyd was appointed by the Trump administration, and has taken an interest in protecting refugees from people who would use them for political purposes. Previously he assisted Christians who were persecuted by ISIS, investigating horrific abuses against Christians and other religious minorities.


"Scott Lloyd is upholding the religious and human rights of those in his department's custody. Government officials have previously tried to prevent faithful Christian organizations from being eligible for grants to help refugees. These actions expose a pattern to discriminate against Christians and other religious beliefs. Scott Lloyd has dedicated his career to helping innocent people who have been targeted for death or abuse because of their Christian beliefs or vulnerabilities. His experience and compassion form a strong basis for his current work for refugees," said CFI President Wendy Wright.

CFI's petition to VP Mike Pence and HHS Secretary Azar supports Mr. Lloyd's efforts to protect Christians and other refugees from exploitation.