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Virginia GOP to Expel Hispanic Republican on False Charges
Contact: Jonathon Moseley, 703-656-1230, Contact@JonMoseley.com

RICHMOND, Va., March 23, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Virginia Republicans have scheduled a "high-tech lynching" of a Hispanic-American for March 24, 2018, in Richmond, Virginia. The Republican Party of Virginia will be the first in U.S. history to try to expel a Hispanic.

There are currently no elected Hispanic Republicans in Virginia. Virginia's establishment Republicans and commentators have attacked other Hispanic Republicans in the past. The Fairfax 9/12 Tea Party has promoted Hispanic conservatives since 2010.

"Main point, they are lying," warned Jon Moseley of the Fairfax 9/12 Tea Party in Northern Virginia. Moseley adds: "Since Fredy never said what they slanderously claim, the real motivation for the political lynching of Fredy Burgos will alienate Hispanic conservatives. You cannot improve the reputation of the GOP by flat-out lying. Being conspicuous liars in public tarnishes the GOP more than sharing a Facebook graphic."

Intentional lies spread by RPV Chairman John Whitbeck, the establishment blog Bearing Drift, and Brian Schoeneman sparked a storm of controversy, falsely claiming that Burgo said things about Jews, which he, in fact, never said. Moseley comments: "The Republican Party cannot maintain a good image while openly and publicly trafficking in lies." Moseley, who is an attorney, adds: "I would love Fredy's approval for me to file a lawsuit."

As hard as it is to believe, Fredy Burgos stands accused of quoting from Supreme Court Justice John Jay on Facebook about America's Christian heritage. That is the only allegation identified in the RPV Petition calling for Burgos' expulsion from the State Central Committee.

The Republican Party Plan requires 30 days' advance notice of charges. Since only the quote from Supreme Court Justice Jay is listed in the Petition, no other issues may lawfully be considered on March 24. "You cannot accuse a person of 'Whatever else we might decide to add later,'" attorney Moseley explained. "The Petition was written by Whitbeck, an attorney, who knows what due process requires."

Virginia open-border elites accuse Hispanic-American Fredy Burgos of being a nativist and seek to expel a Hispanic "for diversity" because Fredy does not fit their propaganda that Hispanics support illegal immigration. Hispanics who oppose amnesty undermine GOP elites.

The vote in RPV's State Central Committee will be held during the 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM meeting at 800 East Canal Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, less than a mile from Richmond's old slave market.

Documents available on request: Contact@JonMoseley.com.