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White House Petition for a Just and Moral Foreign Policy in Israel
Contact: Terry McIntosh, 270-534-0792, terry@usajourney.us
PADUCAH, Ky., March 19, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rev. Terry McIntosh, CEO of the Jesus Christ Embassy Palestine, and a former congressional candidate, has personally launched an official White House petition demanding a just and moral foreign policy regarding Israel and Palestine.
His petition is unlike others that focus on political issues. McIntosh mandates that the highest standard of American and religious conduct be applied in search of a just and lasting peace between Jews and Palestinians with penalty for failure to comply.
Political operatives focus on political issues, but McIntosh relies on what he believes is a moral conscience in line with "Blessed are the peacemakers." He wants the Trump administration to declare its moral intent.
If his petition reaches the level of 100,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House is obligated to address its content in a public forum. It will not be an easy accomplishment. Polls indicate that 64% of Americans support Israel over Palestine, and up to 80% of the Christian community supports expansion of the Jewish state over Palestinian human rights.
According to McIntosh, "Our nation's foreign policy is hypocritical and apparently without respect of human rights unless it serves our own interests. We want both Jews and Palestinians to give life, act justly, and work together. DNA proves that most Palestinians are Hebraic descendants of Israel, too. Regardless, it is less than honorable to support Jewish collective punishment policies, theft of Palestinian land in violation of God's command, and numerous human rights abuse. It is an affront to American and Christian values to support a racist policy as well as any act of terrorism. We must recognize the Palestinian right to life and defend it as quickly as any Jewish life. That means making demands on Palestinians to act justly at the same time as specified in the petition."
He adds, "Americans, and especially our Christian community, should know that you wake up with who you lay down with. Every Christian who shares the same values as Jewish Israel and does not demand that Israel act morally and justly has lost connection to the head, that is Jesus Christ. A strong relationship with Bible theology will not excuse them on that day. They might lose their reward."
The petition for compliance can be signed through this link.
The White House will notify each signer of its status as available.
Inquiries can be addressed directly to McIntosh at 270-534-0792 or email terry@usajourney.us