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Author/Speaker, William James Herath, is Releasing a New Book and Refuting Evolutionary Ideas at the Pensacola Truth Conference

Contact: Debbie Blanzy, Public Relations Manager, 704-609-5519, debbieblanzy@gmail.com

PENSACOLA, Fla., Jan. 25, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- William James Herath will be presenting at the Pensacola Truth Conference on Saturday, February 24th. Mr. Herath will demonstrate how to scientifically and legally shut down the claims of evolution, along with explaining destructive aspects of the false theology of God using evolution to create, aka theistic evolution.

    (Josh McDowell - Keynote)
    February 24, 2018
    Olive Baptist Church
    1836 East Olive Road
    Pensacola, FL 32514

In William's second session, he will encourage parents & youth pastors to stay strong and keep fighting for their kids! Mr. Herath will also share tips, tricks, stories, and secret weapons from his youth pastor experiences.

Pushing tough questions to the back burner causes faith cavities, eventually rotting away what we believe. We must talk about hard topics, avoid cheap answers, and help people logically build their faith on a foundation of good reasons. This is why Herath is releasing, HOW DID WE GET HERE?, which is a 4-week discussion guide designed to help youth pastors open a conversation addressing the "Faith Cavity" of biological evolution.

William James Herath is the author of the book WHAT IS EVOLUTION?, that shows how evolution is undefined, unscientific, and unlawful. This book outlines why evolution is, in fact, illegal and unfit for the public classroom.

37% of Americans believe in the false theology of God using evolution to create and so Mr. Herath created the EAV BIBLE for this group. The EAV Bible, Evolution Affirming Version, is an illustration that shows how scriptures fall apart and lose their meaning when evolutionary ideas are forcefully accommodated into the Judeo-Christian narrative.

William James Herath is also a filmmaker and has released a short film that exposes the pseudoscience and illegal nature of biological evolution, along with the heretical false-theology theistic evolution.

Herath is an apologetic speaker with the Ratio Christi Speakers Bureau. He has served on the National Vineyard Church Curriculum Team. Herath has been working with young people since 2006 and served five years on staff at the Westside Vineyard Church as pastor of youth. William lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. In addition to being an author/speaker, Herath has appeared in over forty national television commercials, visit: ReadySetQuestion.com