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'We Have Evolutionists On the Run,' Says Fired Creationist Mark Armitage
Contact: Lu Ann Strombeck, Creation Moments, 800-422-4253

FOLEY, Minn., Sept. 2, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- After finding soft tissue in a Triceratops horn, showing that dinosaurs lived thousands and not millions of years ago, scientist Mark Armitage was fired from California State University. He recently shared his thoughts on his faith with Creation Moments, a biblical creation radio ministry, after listeners sent him hundreds of letters of support and encouragement.

"I am deeply touched and blessed by the many wonderful comments supplied by your audience. Your comments tell me that there still are good, decent and Godly folks in our nation who pray and who seek to engage the culture for Jesus -- Praise God! We need each other and we need to act decisively to seek and save the lost. Yes, God's Word and the principles that founded our Nation are under severe attack. Time may be short, so I tell everyone I can about the joys of being in Christ and the danger of putting Him off. I do it in love and humility and in tears as one who does not deserve the amazing Grace of God because I do not.

"It also tells me that we have the evolutionists on the run…they are scrambling to explain the presence of these delicate and life-like cells and tissues that could in no way survive the ravages of deep time. In fact, it is astounding that they are there even after the thousands of years since the Great Flood of Noah. Even if we allow only 3,000 years since the Flood, these observations of soft tissues are stunning.

"So my message is this: Tell your unsaved friends that you have a friend (me) who has been going on dinosaur digs and is unearthing and publishing his findings of soft tissues. (I also just made two new world-first discoveries and the results will be published soon.)

"Tell them he has predicted that soft dino tissues are the NORM and not the exception in the fossil layers and he is finding it everywhere. Tell them if soft tissues are the norm, then the Earth cannot possibly be old, and that suddenly Genesis is believable as actual history. You can get to the good news about Jesus in about 60 seconds and folks listen because they are stunned to hear that soft dinosaur tissues exist!"

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