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Catholics and Protestants Urged to Come Together to Back Huckabee

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FRONT ROYAL, Va., Jan. 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Governor Mike Huckabee is the only candidate for President we can support with confidence," said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI). "I urge my Protestant brothers and sisters to join me in doing all they can to advance Mike Huckabee's campaign."


"We need to back a candidate who has a consistent record of supporting traditional values," said Thomas C. Strobhar, chairman of LDI. "Mike Huckabee is that kind of candidate. I urge my Catholic brothers and sisters to join me in doing all they can to advance Mike Huckabee's campaign."


Scott commented on several other candidates:


"John McCain supports stem cell experimentation. When I served as executive director of Arizona Right to Life, I saw nothing that would make me believe he is even remotely concerned about life issues."


"Mitt Romney expects pro-family Americans to blindly accept his new-found convictions without healthy skepticism and a proven track record."


"Fred Thompson has given us no reason to believe he cares enough about family issues to warrant our support."


"Ron Paul believes abortion should be decided by the states, essentially making our nation 'half-slave and half-free'. This explains his mixed voting record in Congress."


"Rudy Giuliani supports virtually everything we oppose. His election would simply be a disaster."


"I believe it is the responsibility of every pro-life/pro-family American to support a candidate that wholeheartedly supports life--without apology and without compromise," Scott said. "While the only person I agree with on every issue is me, Mike Huckabee comes pretty close. And since his positions are faith-based, one can be sure he will not sell out the Pro-Life Movement the very lives of preborn children."


"Pro-lifers have been used and abused by too many candidates that claim to be pro-life only at opportune times," Strobhar said. "Mike Huckabee is not worried which way the political wind blows. He's the real deal."


"I am thrilled that there is a candidate I can enthusiastically endorse rather than holding my nose and supporting the 'lesser of two evils'," Scott said. "Mike Huckabee deeply and personally cares about these issues. He is the kind of candidate pro-family Democrats, Republicans and independents can support. The choice is clear; Mike Huckabee should be the next President of the United States."


Note: In compliance with federal law, LDI cannot and does not endorse candidates. This press release is for news purposes only and endorsements are done as individuals.


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