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Thursday, April 19, 2007

SCOTUS: Anderson Cooper Wrong on Post-Abortion Depression

Virginia Tech Killer Cho Seung-Hui, Like Jesus Christ or Demon Possessed

She Led the Way to the Nations First Partial Birth Abortion Ban (Ohio, 1995) - Now Janet Folger Speaks Out on Supreme Court Decision on Partial Birth Abortion - 'This is a Major Turning Point!'

20 More Women Forced to Have Abortions in Guangxi on April 18

Morality in Media President Says We Would Have Much Less to Fear From the Availability of Guns, If We Would Stop Glamorizing Their Use in Popular Culture

Broad Religious Representation at World Congress of Families IV (Warsaw, May 11-13)

Expecting the Unexpected: Refreshing Romantic Novel Encourages Singles to Persevere to Stay Pure

Slaughter of the Innocents

Violent Film Possibly Connected to Virginia Tech Massacre

Population Research Institute Responds to Attack by Left-Wing Members of European Parliament

Wilberforce Project Announces Launch of THE BETTER HOUR Activities, Plus Other Projects to Honor 200th Anniversary Year of William Wilberforce's Triumph Over the Slave Trade

NJ Pro-Life Groups Call on U.S. Attorney Chris Christie to Enforce Partial Birth Abortion Ban in NJ

Was Virginia Tech Massacre a Hate Crime? Absurdity of Hate Crimes Legislation

Spirit 1 Broadcasting Says -- Time Slots Filing Up Fast

Pro-Family Americans Asked To Contact 'American Idol'

Rabbi Daniel Lapin Signs WDC Media as Agency of Record

'Amen for Safe Sex!' Declares Planned Parenthood

News Conf. at NJ Late-Term Abortion Clinic: Enforce Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Institute Delegation Returns from Khartoum, Darfur

Institute Denounces Murder of Employees of Christian Publishing House

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Infanticide Procedure

90% of Life is 'Just Plain Peanut Butter and Jelly'

Pro-Life Activists to Call for Department of Justice to Enforce Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion at a News Conference in Front of New Jersey Late-Term Abortion Clinic

Partial Birth Abortion Ban Upheld!

Tonight at 4:30 p.m. - Survivors Campus Life Tour to Speak Out on Partial Birth Abortion Ban at California State Capitol

Sandra Cano 'Doe' and 180 Women Hurt by Abortion Applaud Supreme Court's Ban on Abortion

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, Upheld By the Supreme Court, a Major Victory for a Just Society

NCBC Applauds Supreme Court Decision

IRD Commends Supreme Court on Upholding Ban on Partial Birth Abortion

Released Church Leaders in Henan and Inner Mongolia File Lawsuit Against Government Abusers

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